Red Faction: Guerrilla

Destroy everything! That’s the hook of Red Faction: Guerrilla. You are given an arsenal of weapons, an open world, and a game engine that allows the destuction of anything you can touch. The arsenal you are equipped with by the midpoint of this game leads to some of the most fun I’ve had all year. Sticky bombs that you can detonate at any time? Check. A rifle that desentigrates anything (or anyone) that you can see? Check. A giant thermobaric rocket launcher capable of destroying half a village with one shot? Check again. Throw in the ability to drive a truck THROUGH A BUILDING in order to rescue the hostages inside, and you have yourself a pretty enjoyable 10-12 hours of gameplay. Sure, the story is forgettable, but remembering that I got to stick bombs to a guy’s face is good enough for me.

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