Games / PS3

Shadows of the Damned

Suda 51. Shinji Mikami. Akira Yamaoka. Three of the brightest minds in the Japanese gaming industry have come together to create a fantastically odd new game. It doesn’t take very long to figure out that this game knows what it is, and it proud of it every step of the way. If you are familiar with Suda (No More Heroes, killer7) you’ll understand what kind of game this is. For everyone else, I promise that you haven’t experienced anything like it before.
The characters and writing are as excellent as ever, and the shooting mechanics will be familiar to Resident Evil 4 fans. While nearly everything about the game is great, it never reaches the highs that I expected from this team of masterminds. A few things just seemed a bit off (like the weapon upgrading system) but nothing really feels broken. I definitely enjoyed this game, and it did a lot of very cool things that I hadn’t seen before. I can hope for a sequel to fix a few of my little gripes, but for now we have one of the most unique games of this generation.

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