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Portal 2

Portal is one of my favorite games of all time. It is one of the few examples I can point to when the topic of a “perfect video game” is brought up. When Portal 2 was announced my expectations weren’t extremely high; I didn’t think anything could touch the perfection I had seen in the original Portal.

I stand corrected.

Portal 2 is without a doubt, one of the single most impressive accomplishments I have seen come out of any game studio. Valve took the foundation of the original, and expanded it in ways I didn’t think could be done. While Portal’s writing was pitch perfect for a short 3 hours or so, Portal 2 is consistently funny and entertaining enough to span 10+ hours. The puzzles are ingeniously well done, more-so than any other game in recent memory. The overall quality of Portal 2 is so outrageous, I’ll be surprised to see anything this well polished for a long time to come. Portal 2, congratulations on being Game of the Year 2011… at least for now.

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