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Game of the Year 2011 – The Facts

My goal at the beginning of making this list was to make a comprehensive #10, #9…#1, you understand. But  one person making a list of 10 favorite games and saying without a doubt “This game is 1 rank below this but 2 above this” is nearly impossible. Trying to justify why one game places one space higher or lower than another is a matter of preference, and even that changes minute to minute. So I’ve decided to not assign arbitrary numbers to rank each game.

To clarify, the order of appearance does not reflect my enjoyment of each one. It’ll read more as a “These are the 10 games that you shouldn’t miss this year, and here is why.”

Also, contrary to popular belief, I actually haven’t played every single video game released this year. If I leave something wonderful off, I may not have played it! Sorry :s

Alright, how about we get to some games?

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