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I am not stalling.

Okay okay okay, maybe a little bit. But I just remembered I did something at the beginning of the year that will be really interesting to look back on right now. Before I played anything this year, I made a 2011 predictions list about what my Game of the Year list would look like by year’s end. We can compare this to my actual list when I finish it. Yaaaaaay.

GAAAHHHH. I’m back. I’ve had this page open for about 20 or 30 minutes now. I just searched through 14 notebooks to find this. 14. I counted them. I looked through most of them twice. So that’s almost like I went through 28 notebooks just to find this for you.

I’ll just leave this here now.

Game of the Year 2011 Predictions:

1. Mass Effect 3
2. Skyrim
3. Dragon Age 2
4. Batman: Arkham City
5. Portal 2
6. Uncharted 3
7. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
8. L.A. Noire
9. Dead Space 2
10. Gears of War 3

It’s incredible how much the list has changed since then. About half of these games didn’t even make my top 10 by the end of the year, and games that I hadn’t thought twice about were far better than the majority of the titles on this old list. (Mass Effect 3 was delayed to 2012, as I had expected coming into the year, but I thought on the off chance it did come out it would be the best game of the year. Now it’ll just have to be the best game of 2012. Maybe. Watch out for Bioshock Infinite, buddy.)


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