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Game of the Year 2011 – Part 1 – Resistance 3

I’ll admit, at the beginning of the year I had no intention of playing Resistance 3. I had heard negative things about the first and second game in the series, so I didn’t plan on giving this one a second thought.

After picking it up a few months after its release, I was treated to the best first person shooter campaign in years.

This is one of the few games that motivated me enough to finish it in two sittings. I played nearly to the end of the game in my first, then finished the last couple of missions the next morning. Then I immediately started playing it again.

The game never ceases to impress, and the quality of level design and flat-out brilliance behind the whole thing is reminiscent of Half-Life. By which I mean it is really, really excellent. There is so much variety in enemy design, weapons and abilities you pick up throughout, and the locations you visit, that you really feel the love and care the developers put in to crafting this wonderful experience.

I LOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEEE this game. A lot. Really. Please go play it. Now.


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