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Game of the Year 2011 – Part 2 – Super Mario 3D Land

I love platformers. The variety in them is pretty crazy when you look at all the different things that can be done from within on genre. Some of my favorite games from 2010 year were platformers, Super Meat Boy, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and of course, Super Mario Galaxy 2. Mario is one of the biggest reasons why I, and lots of other people, have such a fascination with platformers. They did it first, and they’re still doing it right today.

This year we have Super Mario 3D Land, another exceptional game by the Galaxy team. The game is perfect for a portable system. The levels are about 2 minutes each so you can pop in for a quick game, but there are so many levels you won’t blow through them too quickly. I loved the variety in the level design, its always fun to go to the next level just to see what new ideas this brilliant developer is going to show you next. I’ve never been a fan of swimming levels in Mario games, and thankfully they keep them to a bare minimum here, probably less than 5 throughout the entire game. Pretty much every level is a pure delightful platforming challenge. And just when you think you’re done with it, they throw another 8 hours or so of content on you.

The 3DS is being overlooked by more than a few people, but this is why you need to purchase the system. If you have any love for one of the best series in video games’ history, don’t overlook this game. It stands up to some of the best games in the franchise.


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