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Resident Evil 6 Announced!

And minutes after I finish the Revelations demo, this happens.

I consider Resident Evil 4 to be one of the most perfect video games ever created by human beings.

I call Resident Evil 5 “a pretty good game“.

While there may be a little disparity between the quality of the two titles, one thing is for sure. I am really hoping 6 can try to land somewhere in the middle of the two. No, I don’t think it will hit the quality of 4, but I really want it to be better than 5. 5 was such a dissapointment for me. It was the first reason I started thinking about buying an Xbox 360. I had played more Resident Evil 4 on my Wii than probably any game in my life (not counting MMOs. See: RuneScape) and I just knew Resident Evil 5 would be the second coming of Christ.

Well, it wasn’t.

Anyway, here’s hoping 6 can be a great game.

Don’t disappoint me again Capcom…………………. PLEASE 🙂


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