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The 3DS Has a Serious Hardware Flaw

Eventually, I plan on writing a post about how the 3DS is one of the most snazzy, interesting, and just plain entertaining little pieces of hardware on the market today. But right now, I’m not going to be so nice.

There is a serious design flaw with the 3DS hardware. I recently realized the issue when searching online for something that I thought might have a simple solution. Due to the touch screen having a raised edge around it, when you close the device, the top screen is pressed into this part. When you reopen the 3DS after it being closed for a while, you’ll notice small vertical marks on the screen that are easily wiped away. The same happens with the circle pad, when you close your system, sometimes you will open it to find a small circle smudge on the top half.

Now this has been a minor annoyance to me since I bought the thing, but I haven’t really thought much of it because it doesn’t happen every single time I use it. However, upon researching why this happens, I found something far worse happening after longer periods of time. In the image above, you can clearly see a scratch made into the screen that cannot be removed. It seems that if the 3DS is closed for extended periods of time in slightly warmer than normal conditions, or is just simply carried around in your pocket for a while, this will start to happen. I keep my 3DS in my pocket nearly everywhere I go because of the wonderfully entertaining StreetPass feature. Nintendo obviously wants you to keep your system with you, so why does it decide to damage itself if you use it in this way? Many people are saying that if you call up Nintendo support and ask about the scratches, you can send in your 3DS and get it either repaired or have a new one sent to you after waiting for quite a while to get it back.

This is only a temporary solution however, because the system will immediately begin cutting into itself again over its normal life cycle. This really pisses me off that a company would release a device that does something like this either without testing it enough to notice this, or just not caring about the consumers at all. That is my rant for now; as of today my 3DS is starting to form small (permanent) scratches into the left side of the screen.

As far as I can tell from scouring the internet, this problem will effect every owner of a 3DS in some way over a long enough period of time. Which really, really sucks.


(Some say that placing a cloth between the screens when you close it may slow or stop the scratching from occurring. We really shouldn’t be expected to carry around a piece of toilet paper to shove in between our $170 piece of sh game system every time we close it though. Good luck!)


Sources: www.3dsbuzz.com, www.3dsforums.com Image Source: www.neogaf.com

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