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Game of the Year 2011 – Part 7 – Dead Space 2

The original Dead Space was more of a sequel to Resident Evil 4 than RE5 even came close to being. Resident Evil 4 is my favorite third person shooter I’ve ever played, and I wished more people would try to learn from it. Gears of War is heavily influenced from RE4, but it is a completely different kind of game. When I played Dead Space, I couldn’t believe how amazing it was. It had the most beautiful graphics I’d ever seen in a game, an incredibly creepy atmosphere throughout, and an incredibly smart combat system designed around tons of different enemy types and weapons.

Dead Space 2 is just as good of a game as Dead Space, but it is different in quite a few ways. DS2 wasn’t as scary to me as DS was, but that doesn’t at all make it a worse game, it just makes it a little different. Both of the games are some of my favorite of this generation, and I’m kind of glad that the sequel doesn’t simply outclass the original out of existence. Both games have strong merits and you shouldn’t skip one over the other.

Dead Space 2 improves upon almost everything from the original without making it obsolete. The combat feels better, movement is easier, and the varied environments help a lot with those who complained the first game was too similar throughout. You visit schools, apartment complexes, churches, and fly around in space for a while. Yeah, you have a jetpack that lets you fly around in space. Space. SPACE.

This is one of the most exciting games you can play this year, and saying that is less scary than the first doesn’t mean there aren’t any scares to be had. DS2 stays thrilling until you finally make yourself run down that last dark corridor, having no idea when something is going to come and make dinner out of your face.

There aren’t a lot of great survival horror games of late, and Dead Space 2 is more on the side of an action game than being sheer horror. Either way, here you can get great parts of both worlds. You’ll get some great scares from the hideous creatures you’re forced to go up against, and have the best controls and weapons of any horror game ever.The controls have you aim at specific parts of the enemy to destroy them however you want, and it works so, so well. You can shoot a monster’s legs off, have it fall to the ground, and it crawl toward you by digging its claws into the floor. Then you run up to it (preferably screaming “AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!”) and stomp its face into dust. We can all agree how awesome that is right?

Dead Space 2 is what I want a lot of games to be. It’s a sequel that gets just about everything right, makes improvements on the foundation of what was already there, and ramps the fun stuff up to 11.


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