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The Darkness 2 demo

I really liked the original The Darkness. It came out a few years ago, but I played it for the first time last year. The story stood out to me as one of the most interesting I’ve seen in any game from recent memory. It had such style and I always wanted to see what was going to happen next because I knew whatever it was, it was going to be cool. There were definitely parts I didn’t like about the first game so much, but the highs were so high, I can’t imagine not asking people to at least try it.

The Darkness 2 demo doesn’t really give me a whole lot to go on for the story. There are story parts in it, but as the demo states before you ever see anything happen, the events are out of order just for the sake of having a demo.

A lot about the game has definitely changed this time around, the most obvious being the new cartoonish cel-shaded-ish graphics. I’m still not really sure what I think about them yet. I know The Darkness isn’t a beautiful game for 2012, but I still liked its gritty, dark, more realistic style better. Maybe I’ll warm up to this one’s looks after I get my hands on the real thing, but for not I’m not sold quite yet.

The combat has undergone a pretty drastic transformation as well. The weird red dot sight is gone, replaced by a more traditional crosshair that you aim with while you dual wield various guns. Again, the weirdness of the aiming from the original was always kind of charming in how different it was, but maybe that’s just me.

The use of the Darkness itself is very much improved though. You can pick up whatever you want to from the environment with one of the tentacles, and slash into enemies with the other. Some of the violence brought upon by what the Darkness is capable of is crazy to see. The first time it picks a guy up by his legs and rips him straight down the middle is a sight to behold. The first time I heard the Darkness speak reminded me again for why I loved the first game so much, I just love hearing its horrible voice. When enemies see Jackie’s curse it stays satisfying. Watching thugs run from you screaming about how the devil is coming to get them as you destroy their comrades is about as fun as it sounds.

So I guess my main point is that the Darkness is the best part about The Darkness 2. But without it, I guess we’d be playing “Shooty Gangster Criminal Guy” which really wouldn’t be that bad. I really like Jackie Estacado as a tragic hero, and I hope his story is told as well here as it was last time.

If not, at least I’ll get to listen to that horrifying voice just a little longer. You know, this one.


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