Flashback – Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Let’s take a trip back to long ago. It’s a different world, where our game systems aren’t interconnected to each other every second of every day, you aren’t weird for not having a supercomputer in your pocket, and there is literally a song called “Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand“.

Welcome to 1996. Where one of the GREATEST things in history was happening in America. No, not that.

Super Mario RPG. Was. Released. Yes.

Have you played it? Have you experienced the wonders that fit inside that little SNES cartridge? There are so many wonders.

SMRPGLotSSBBQ, is in my opinion, one of the greatest RPGs gamers have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. It really is that great. Everything about this game is fantastic, and it still holds up today against just about anything you could compare it against.

The combat is still great today, and some games still can’t do it as right as it’s done here. So simple, but so satisfying. You fight in a turn based battle, but you hit buttons at a certain time to amplify the effects of your attacks. When you hit the action and hear the sound effects that confirm you did it just right…well it never gets old.

The number of characters you meet along the way and the distinctive style of how each one plays insures that you try each of them out and see which group fits your play style. There isn’t any one character in the game who isn’t worth having in your party, and in old SquareSoft style, each character is written exceptionally well, and the story is entertaining from start to finish. For a Mario game with a story, it exceeds all expectations.

The variety of things you can do in the game never lets up either. Sometimes you’ll be playing with a great RPG battle system, then you’ll be doing fun platforming sections, the  you’ll be playing a mini game about running up mountains, then you’ll be playing hide and seek with monsters, then you’ll be racing with Yoshi in his village, then you’ll be playing in the secret casino, then you’ll be playing a music game in the middle of a tadpole swamp, then you’ll go back to the RPG system but be fighting a GIANT LIVING CAKE THAT CAN SHOOT MAGIC AT YOU. When you think you’ve seen the most clever enemy in the game, you’ll see three more in the next hour. The variety in places you go, ways you play the game, and just incredible things you see is astounding. Variety and motivation to see what’s next is what I think is the biggest motivator in video games, and this is a shining example of perfection in keeping things exciting and fresh.

I still think Super Mario RPG is one of the greatest video games ever made, and is one of the greatest examples of how great an RPG is when the effort is put in to go the extra mile and really create something special. This game is that something special to me, and I beg you to do yourself and favor and find it if you haven’t had the pleasure.

You’ll thank me some time after you get the doll that comes to life to help you save the world. Yeah, that happens.


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2 thoughts on “Flashback – Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

  1. Thanks for reminding me that my model rocket in fifth grade was named Geno because I hoped that naming it after the warrior from Star Road would help it go higher than my classmates’.

    By the way, you forgot to mention one of the most blatant copyright infringements of all time: the Axem Rangers!

    Great game. May need to do another play-through if I ever get any free time.

  2. Hahaha, I completely forgot about them. I love them so much, there is just so much stuff in that game I can’t remember it all. I’d love to play through the whole thing again sometime, I’ve played bits and pieces in the past year and it really holds up. I just remembered you find Link and Samus in the game too. So great 😀

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