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999 and Good People Die



Alright I’ll try to calm down for a second, but I can’t believe I didn’t already know this. One of my favorite games on the DS and one of the best games of 2010, 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors is getting a sequel! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Good People Die was announced a few months ago for the 3DS, and I literally just found out about it 10 minutes ago. I had to put something on here to let everyone know that I am very, very, ready to play this game. I suppose I’ll take a minute to explain why.

999 is, before anything else, an excellent story. The whole thing is driven by its wonderful characters interacting with each other, not knowing who they can trust. Nine people wake up trapped together, forced to play a game to escape their prison. The relationships that form throughout the adventure involve some of the most exciting storytelling I’ve ever experienced.

The gameplay side of 999 consists of solving puzzles to escape rooms set up by someone that seems to be a criminal mastermind. The goal of the game is to enter a room, figure out what is required of you to escape it, find the next room, and repeat this until you figure out how to escape the game altogether.

I won’t pretend that 999 was perfect though, the game makes you replay the same puzzles about 5 times just to get every ending. All of the endings are great and worth seeing, and replaying it to see the new puzzles that you discover is worth it, but having to do the same ones over and over is infuriating. The story is so good though, you’ll force yourself to do it. If you use a guide, I think you can get the “Correct” ending (yes, there is specifically one that you are supposed to get) by only playing through the game twice. You’ll miss out on some of the other endings, and some of the surprise of not knowing where you’re being taken through the maze of puzzles, but it will save you hours of time.

The DS has become one of my favorite places to get involved in a really great story lately, and I hope Good People Die will be able reach the bar set by its predecessor. That bar has been set so high though, I really wonder what they could possibly do next. If they can fix the problems, they could move from just having a masterpiece, to having the perfect video game. I guess I’ll be here waiting (impatiently) to find out how incredible it will be.

Source: ign.com  tinycartridge.com Image Source: sketchpride.livejournal.com

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