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Downloadable Delights: Mutant Mudds

I’m the first one to say how big a fan of the 3DS I am, and with the consistent quality of recent eShop titles, I keep getting even more excited for the system’s future. Mutant Mudds is another first-rate addition to the 3DS library. I’ve stressed enough in the past about my love of platformers, and the developer, Renegade Kid, knows how to get everything right that I love about the genre.

Mutant Mudds has you go through a series of about 20 levels flying, running, shooting, and timing jumps perfectly to get through to the end. Each level has 100 floating objects to collect, and once you get enough throughout all the levels combined, you start to get upgrades for your character. The game has a similar playstyle to the original Mega Man games with the addition of having a jetpack to hover over small distances. Now if that were all Mutant Mudds did, it would be a great game. What is does on top of all that makes it a fantastic one.

The 3D effect is used for one of the big things that makes Mutant Mudds unique. There are 3 layers of each level, the start, the background, and the foreground. Pads throughout the level allow you to jump between the layers, and the 3D effect here is amazing. Being able to see back into the level itself without the 3D effect still looks cool, but when you pull the slider up the effect is stunning.

Each of the 20 levels in the game also contains a hidden exit that must be discovered to get to the hardest challenges in the game. These areas range from “kind of tough” to “I’m going to snap this tiny piece of plastic over my knee”. You could complete the 20 original levels and be content, but those seeking a real challenge will find the other 20 and subsequently cry themselves to sleep every night until they’ve powered through them all.

Mutant Mudds is one of the best games on the 3DS and I hope Renegade Kid can bring more of their games to the system. With such high quality games that you can’t get anywhere else, the 3DS is quickly becoming one of the most promising systems out today.


Image Source: destructoid.com

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