My thoughts on Alan Wake

Alan Wake is a game that was overlooked by too many people. It was such a great game, and I feel like the only reason anyone I know played it is because I told them to. More of you need to try this game, I’ve never recommended it to someone that didn’t love it afterwards. It has a lot of elements that I would love to see more of in games.

I realize that nobody bought it when it came out because nobody knew what it was. With the sequel so close to being released, I’m glad everyone has come to their senses and is going to buy the crap out this next one. Right? You really should, Alan Wake was so good.

The characters in this game make the world feel so alive. The acting and storytelling both come together as well as anywhere else, and its rare that you find a game as interesting to watch as it is to play. I’ve had people that just wanted to sit and watch the game because they were so interested in what was going to happen. Watching can be a great experience not only because of how great the story is, but how beautiful the game can be at times. Whenever the camera pans over the lake and the forest with the sun shining right at you, it looks remarkable.

The story is about a writer (Alan Wake) who finds himself in a strange town with eccentric people all over the place. Then he starts to find pieces of a manuscript of a horror story he doesn’t remember writing. The story starts happening around him as he finds the pages, and to say anymore than that would be committing a crime against the game. You really have to see how everything plays out for yourself.

This game is the definition of a thriller if there ever was one. So much about the world is unknown, you aren’t really sure what is possible, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat until it’s ready to let you breathe. When paranormal entities come into play and start screaming and throwing log trucks at you, things get a little tense.

That isn’t to say, of course, Alan Wake doesn’t know how to let up every once in a while. Barry, Alan’s agent, is one of my favorite characters of 2010. He is such a funny guy, and the banter between him and Alan is some of my favorite dialogue this side of Uncharted. I remember laughing out loud at Barry more than once throughout the game, which shows just how diverse the writing can be from scene to scene. That quality shines throughout the entirety of the game. Whatever the writers of the game are attempting, they always execute it excellently.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is due to hit Xbox Live Arcade on February 22, 2012. Only a few more weeks until we get to see more of what developer Remedy has to throw as us.


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