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iPlay’d – Battleheart

If you have an iDevice and have any interest in an action RPG, Battleheart has been waiting for you this whole time. Battleheart is such an amazing game, I can’t believe everyone I know doesn’t own it. If you want to prove someone wrong who thinks you can’t have a real game on a phone/tablet, point them in this direction.

About 3/4s of your time spent in Battleheart will be in the middle of the action. You select an area on the world map, and you are taken to a single screen where your 4 characters are standing. Enemies come at you, and you click each of your characters and drag them to who you want to attack. There are about a dozen unique character classes to choose from, which allows for some really interesting variety in how the game is played. Each character had unique abilities that you must utilize in the most tactical ways you can to survive each challenge.

If that sounds a little complicated, you really have to play it to understand exactly how fluidly it all works. It feels perfect to play on a touch screen, and I can’t imagine it being as intuitive any other way. The battles certainly get frantic, and you’ll be sliding your fingers across the screen and tapping skills and abilities in sheer panic to keep your party alive.

The minority of your time in the game is spent in the shop or equipping and upgrading your party members. Every fight nets you experience and cash, which you then use to upgrade your team and buy them new equipment. It may seem pretty standard, but something about Battleheart makes even these seemingly mundane steps a little more exciting than they probably should be. I got a thrill every time I saved up enough coin to upgrade my Warrior’s dual hammers.

The art is incredible to look at, even on the iPads large screen. Everything drawn in a really fun, cartoony style. It has one of my favorite art styles of any RPG I’ve played recently, it’s like a visual treat every time you come to play.

If you want to see one of the best games the App Store has to offer, toss a few dollars Mika Mobile’s way, and try it out. You’ll be addicted, playing “just one more fight” for hours longer than you expect; and you won’t regret it.

– Zach

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