Guest Post: End of 2012!

liesWell, I guess we’re all still here? We’re sending off 2012 with style, and it’s time for an annual dissection of everything that happened. HippoChippies is starting off the discussion by getting a little help from our friends. Welcome to the second Guest Post!


Of the many amazing games of 2012 Borderlands 2 has to be my favorite pick. Some people ask me why while others agree. Usually the people who ask me why I choose Borderlands 2 have most likely never played it.

This game is truly amazing because the very creative and talented people over at Gearbox software have created a game truly their own. No other video game has come even remotely close to what Borderlands has done. It’s extremely crude humor is one of my favorite parts of this game and almost every dialogue in this game had me rolling on my floor give or take a few serious moments. The graphics may not be as realistic as a Call of Duty game but lets be honest, Borderlands isn’t exactly trying to go for the realistic FPS feel that you would buy COD for. What borderlands does and what makes it stand out from all the other FPS’s is to provide you with an experience that lets you blow up and kill everything in your way and be as funny as possible while doing it. So as stated before its not your average FPS. Personally, I can’t stand FPS games because they all feel so similar to me. However, when I get ahold of a game such as Borderlands I actually enjoy playing it.

Gearbox has succeeded in creating a truly amazing game that stands out from all the rest and personally that is why I have chosen Borderlands 2 as my 2012 game of the year!

“Alright, when you’re all done you can leave by jumping off the tower like a badass…wait, did you actually jump off the tower?! God DAMN, you made me proud!” – Trevor Baldwin



No words can do Far Cry 3 enough justice, so here’s the short and sweet version. THIS. GAME. F$@&ING. RULES. – Jonathan Vaughan



It’s strange but, as I look back on this year that saw many great releases and the continuation of some solid franchises, one obscure little visual novel sticks out to me as THE title worth mention at year’s end: Analogue: A Hate Story.

Sure, the graphics amount to a standard Human-Machine Interface with somebody’s bishojo drawings representing the artificial intelligences with whom you have to work to unlock evidence and enable additional features to aid in your investigation and escape. Sure, the soundtrack is forgettable (which may be a good thing as it loops in the background throughout play). Sure, control is limited to file searching, command-prompt input, and binary selection. But, darn it, the documents you sift through and your interactions with the A.I. characters grab you by the collar and shout in your face, “YOU WILL REMEMBER ME AND YOU WILL BE MOVED!” The world painted by the few e-mails and journal entries which you get to read has both depth and passion. You see both its cruelty and its hidden beauties.

It was one of those games that left you wanting to see more while also leaving you satisfied at the conclusion. – Shannon Nichols



The Walking Dead was my favorite video game from 2012. It lets you make choices throughout the game to decide your own path. It’s one of the most emotional games I’ve ever seen. It’s impossible not to get involved with these characters and the struggles they face. It’s also full of action. You’ll be watching the story line then it’ll cut to game play and you have to fight off the living dead. Contrary to belief, it does not follow The Walking Dead TV show. It is its own story with its own adventures that will keep you on edge. I’d recommend this game to anyone, every type of person will get something out of this game. – Brittany Tynes



The best game I’ve played this year is Far Cry 3. I literally have been waiting for this game since they released info about it. And then the first trailer, and then the final one which made me practically go insane with anticipation. When I finally got my hands on the game I couldn’t quit playing. I got it on a Saturday and beat it the next day I put so much time into. The best part is unlike Far Cry 2 I actually got to continue after the game ended leaving hours of gameplay and fun. Lets not forget that the graphics for this game are amazing. While crossing a bridge I had to stop and gaze at a waterfall that was perfectly placed. The hunting is also a nice little effect but can get somewhat tedious after a while when you just want all the good stuff quick. One review said “it’s Skyrim with guns”. If anyone remembers my last interview I gave to Zach, you’ll remember my hype over skyrim so maybe I may be biased. But overall it is a wonderful game with hours upon hours of gameplay. It’s my favorite game of 2012. – John Allen



Jack was the most lovable a douchy douchebag could ever be. Gunzerker is poopy. – Jon Stinson



I personally thought 343 did not do a great job with Halo 4. I don’t want to ruin the end of Assassin’s Creed 3 but I have no idea where it’s supposed to go now, if anywhere at all. Overall everything was okay but I was never blown away.

I liked AC but was disappointed by the ending. I’m still in love with ME3, just not the ending. I just don’t like most of the endings to anything lol.

Even though the ending sucked it’s still one of my favorite games this year. I’m extremely excited to see where Bioware goes from here after having such a successful run. The sports games were pretty good and I really liked Black Ops multiplayer but I never got the chance to play the campaign. Sports games have been innovating and are becoming more user friendly. This year I’ve been on pins and needles waiting for all the new ones. People complain about sports games being the same every year but FIFA 113 and NBA 2K13 have been finding ways to better themselves.

The watch_dogs trailer at E3 was Jesus in video game form. – Jamie Castleberry



Let’s face it, this year has been phenomenal for gaming, and with games like Far Cry 3, Halo 4, and Skyrim choosing which one to write about is difficult. The game that I have enjoyed the most this year has to be Hitman: Absolution. Hitman: Absolution is the most recent game in the Hitman franchise, it follows the story of Agent 47, a man who is considered the best in his line of work, assassinations without being discovered. The game doesn’t make you play it as a stealth game, though I feel it you can fully enjoy the game by playing it this way. The games levels present you with many options on how to kill your target. For example, in one level you have 8 different ways to kill your target, but you have to discover them for yourself.

The graphics in this game are amazing, but the bloom effect is used way too much. Other than that the game is great and has a high replay value making you want to go through the game and complete all the challenges and find the different ways to assassinate someone. Even though you will run into enemies that will hinder your progress, you can kill them, but a Silent Assassin leaves the world around him untouched. – Zack Dickerson


Thank you so much everyone, we will do this again soon! Keep playing awesome games in 2013!

– Zach

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