The Indie Hour: Horror Edition

I’m going to spend about an hour playing through a bunch of scary games that I’ve never heard of before. Will this totally destroy my ability to go outside past 6pm, enter a room without a spotlight, or sleep? Let’s find out!


Footsteps are always scary when they are the only thing you can hear.
Alright, some weird thing happened, and now I’m in a creepy basement. Scary music. Darkness. Yay.
Every door in the universe is locked. Every one of them.
That one is too.
I don’t like sounds like that 😐
Some bad shit is gonna go down.
WHO WALKS THIS LOUDLY? I’m pretty sure this guy has horseshoes for feet.
Welp I think I just shat myself. That was horrifying. And the game crashed too. And thus ends the tail of the horse-man.
Alright, this game goes to some weird places.
NOPENOPENOPE I’m out. Next please.

The Corridor

It actually looks like of pretty! Nothing terribly scary so far, just lots of walking and the occasional spooky noise.
Well, it’s getting a little weirder, I like where it’s going, didn’t expect this.
I kind of broke some of the scary parts little bit, but it’s still not bad!
I like it! It’s does a lot more than the title suggests. It isn’t terribly scary, but it is pretty strange. Just finished it, that was a pretty silly ending, but I could recommend it, you can play through the whole game in about 10 minutes.


Jesus Christ, these footstep sounds. I’m pretty sure I’m playing a series of games about horses breaking into dark buildings. After a couple of minutes of walking through pitch blackness, I realized that flashlight is F. I’m getting a real NOPE vibe from this game. We’ll see how long I last. Alright this is pretty damn scary. This guy breathes so loudly though I think he’s about to fall over dead before we get anywhere. TOO MANY LOUD JUMPY SCARIES.
YEP I’m done with this one for now. I’ll play this when I’m in a room with twenty other people. I liked it though.


This is another story of a large horse, roaming through the woods after a plane crash. I am not certain where he received a pilot’s license. Running through the woods looking for giant floaty orbs now. …….and I was just murdered by a giant floating head. I guess they aren’t going for realism this time, I’ll accept that. Killed two more times, I’ll try this again later. It focuses a lot on creepy noises and jump scares, pretty decent for some dumb fun! Very Slender-esque.

The 4th Wall

Walking around trying to figure out what to do. The floor is really pretty, looks like something from Tron.
This is a weeeiiirrrd game. In a good way.
I feel like explaining any of it would make it less fun, the game is mostly about you not knowing what the hell is happening at practically every moment. I only had the demo, but I’ll probably go buy it now, it’s only $1 on PC or Xbox 360. I wouldn’t really say its much of a horror game though, just a game about you being really confused and seeing some weird stuff every 5 seconds.


This game has a great menu. Starting off good! Everything looks really nice. Walking around in the creepy rainy forest. This game is pretty much just a bigger budget version of Slender. It’s good! I’m pretty sure everyone on the planet has played Slender by now, so I’m not exactly sure what to say. It’s like Slender with ghosts and rain and lightning and batteries! Yay!


First thing the game says “Find a way out of this sh*t” No problem! Well the first couple of things that happened just now were terrifying, and now I don’t want to play anymore. I will soldier on. This is the maziest maze in maze town, I’m lost as shit. This is going to devolve into me pointing my cursor at the ground so I can’t see anything and walking in circles for three hours, so I think I’ll go ahead and shut it down now. Seems neat! Wish I had clue as to where I was going though. I’ll come back to it.


I just played through this, and it isn’t really what you would define as a horror game but it does go to some really dark places. It starts off as a cheery, bright and colorful platformer, but it doesn’t take long to stray off the expected path. I won’t ruin anything else here. It takes about 15 minutes to play through and recommend giving it a shot.

Thanks for reading another Indie Hour! They are really fun to do, and I expect to do more of them through the next year. If you have any ideas for games that I should play, or new themes like this horror one, let me know!

– Zach

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