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Everybody likes free stuff, right?

You may have noticed a brand new page pop up on the left side of the site called Freeware Favorites. You may have also clicked on it, and been sent on a wonderful journey into a land of mystery and wonder. If you haven’t yet, you might want to get on that.

Over on that page, you’ll find a rather large list of games that cost absolutely nothing. Not only are these games free, they’re also universally great. You won’t browse that list to find a bunch of garbage; every game on there is one that I have enjoyed quite a bit.

I’ve updated the page every day since it was created, and it’s already up to over 30 games that are 100% free and definitely worth your time.

Thanks again to everyone who reads the site! This new page is only one of many, many cool things I have planned in the coming months. Keep coming back and I’ll try to keep your eyeballs filled with sunshine.

– Zach

—Check out the free games right here!—


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