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Play This! – The Button Affair

buttonEverybody likes secret agents, priceless treasures, and loads of running. That’s a fact, and The Button Affair is here to satisfy all of your James Bond fantasies. The whole game is absolutely free to download, and takes about 15 minutes to blow through.

You play as cool-guy extraordinaire, Enzo Gabriel, on his quest to take the prized Button Jewel from his nemesis, Victor Meirelles.

It’s a standout auto-runner, something hard to say about many of the games flooding this new genre. The gameplay is pretty similar to Mirror’s Edge for iOS, which was wonderful as well. Enzo constantly runs, and you guide him over and under obstacles, people, and other things waiting to bring him to an untimely end. Dying isn’t all bad though, as every death has a unique animation tied to it. I found myself going through some of the levels getting killed on purpose, just to see every way I could ruin Enzo. You’ll get strangled, electrocuted, and plenty more on your chase to foil a criminal mastermind and steal his precious jewel.


The writing is genuinely entertaining as well, just five minutes in and it already won me over. Chuckles and suspense abound, you’ll actually be determined to play through to see how Enzo’s journey closes.

This freeware title was released just a few weeks ago, and was created to help get donations to Special Effect, a games charity that helps out people with disabilities.

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