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Hayter Be Hatin’: How Is Metal Gear Still This Confusing

530x65028761David Hayter, long time voice of Metal Gear Solid’s Solid Snake, has apparently not been asked to return to voice the character in the just announced Metal Gear Solid 5. The serious is famous for it’s ridiculous twists and near-incomprehensible plot, which has led to Hayter voicing two main characters, Solid Snake and Snake’s father, (who Snake is a clone of) Big Boss.

Not many details have been confirmed about MGS5 yet, but Hayter has already expressed opinions about not being in the new game. A member of the production team let him know that they “wouldn’t be needing” him for this game, and Hayter is “a little ill” about the shaft.


Hayter has been involved with the series since Metal Gear Solid was released on the original PlayStation in 1998. He’s had a storied history with the franchise, and he’s got plenty of fans that love him. Outside of Metal Gear, he wrote the second X-Men movie, which received the highest praise out of the entire film series. He’s a really talented, well respected guy, and Hayter deserves something more than a pat on the back and a shove out the door.

If you aren’t familiar with the Metal Gear Solid series, it’s almost impossible to explain the insanity you’ll find surrounding it. Not only are the games Tom Cruise Crazy™, but the marketing sneaks in its own bits of weirdness, like when the trailers never actually showed the playable character in Metal Gear Solid 2. A more recent example from a couple weeks ago is when the gaming community was arguing whether a bandaged man being interviewed about the game was a real human being or computer generated. WHAT. Also the Metal Gear creator, Hideo Kojima, created an anagram of his name along with a false development studio to throw fans off even more. Yeah, maybe that’ll help you out a little. It’s nuts.


So, as far as we know, this could all be an elaborate scheme from Kojima to trick everyone, possibly including Hayter, into thinking he’s out, and then pulling him in at the last second for some kind of surprise entrance somewhere in the game. I literally can’t fathom what the possibilities are, because weirder things have happened within the confines of this series.


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One thought on “Hayter Be Hatin’: How Is Metal Gear Still This Confusing

  1. WHHHHAAAAT!? They can not take David Hayter out of Metal Gear Solid, that is like taking the mustache off of Mario.

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