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Gods Will Be Watching

godsFirst off, congratulations on the fantastic title. Gods Will Be Watching is a single screen point and click adventure game based around surviving a harsh winter. You’re stranded in the cold with a group of travelers, each with unique professions, a dog, and a small amount of supplies. The goal is to survive 40 days, with each day consisting of a limited number of actions. Want someone to attempt to fix the broken radio? That’s one of your five actions. Want your dog to hunt for food? Another action. You’ve got three more today. Used them all but forgot to light the fire? Sorry, everyone died of hypothermia.

It’s a really neat, simple puzzle game that you should give a shot. I haven’t played an enormous amount of it yet, but it seems like other decisions, such as taking the lives of your companions when necessary, will come into effect too.

Gods Will Be Watching was made in a weekend for Ludum Dare 26 by deconstructeam, and is available for free here.

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