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Best of Ludum Dare 26 – Guru

guruWith so many Ludum Dare games all released at once, it can be tough to sift through and find the best of the pack. Guru is one of the games definitely worth your time.

Guru is a point and click puzzle game with three levels. In each, you’re given a situation with no explanation of your goal. You can click anywhere on the screen, and an appropriate action will result. In the first I chose of the three, there was a dog trapped in a car while someone, presumably his owner, sat outside listening to music. The solution will surprised you, it isn’t what you think.

It’s a quick game that’s over in about 10 minutes, and has enough memorable content to warrant a playthrough from anyone wanting a chuckle or two from a solid puzzler. The eye-catching, line drawn art style is worth your time to look at anyway.

Guru was made in a weekend during Ludum Dare 26 by BrothersT, and can be played for free here.

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