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Soundodger – Sounds Fun

ffAdult Swim games have been picking up some pretty great stuff lately, and their newest offering is one of the best yet. Soundodger is a bullet-hell game in which, and I promise you didn’t see this coming, you dodge sounds.

Your tiny playable icon is trapped inside a much larger circle, and the bullets are tossed in by the beat of the music. You’re tasked with not getting hit while listening to some sweet tunes.


A game so focused around music wouldn’t be anything without it’s soundtrack, and luckily there’s some pretty great talent on hand for this one. Disasterpeace (composer of Fez) and other great musicians are on display here, each taking on the theme of a level.

There are a surprisingly large number of levels here, especially for a free game, and I kept coming back for more every time I finished one. If you’re ready to meet your new addiction, check out Soundodger right here, and let the music take you away. Just don’t hit the arrows.

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