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Best Games of June 2013

June has been an embarrassment of riches for me. E3 happened (Yeah, that was less than a month ago) and was the most exciting E3 ever, and I’ve enjoyed just as many games this month than I have any other time this year. When I haven’t been obsessed with Animal Crossing, I’ve had the chance to pick up more than a few exceptional games in the past 30 days. The Last of Us was probably my most anticipated title I expected from 2013, and I’m supremely impressed with how it turned out. I can only hope the rest of the year remains as exciting.

1. The Last of Us


My favorite Naughty Dog game by a longshot, The Last of Us finally proves to me what the company is capable of. The performances and storytelling all come together to create one of the most believable worlds this year, and the gameplay manages to hold up its end of the bargain as well. It’s a beautiful story well told, and is just as entertaining to play through as it is to watch.

2. Animal Crossing: New Leaf


The fourth game in the series doesn’t revolutionize the game by any means, but it does improve upon nearly every aspect of the formula. Nearly every day I’ve played in the past month I’ve been able to discover something new, and even now I’m stumbling into completely new avenues that I hadn’t touched before. This week, I’ve decided to completely redesign my house from the basement up. New stores continue to open, new villagers keep dropping by, and friends still have new stories to tell about what’s going on in their town. While it’s much of the same we’ve seen before, it’s a great foundation that I’m happy to keep coming back to again and again. And the hourly music makes me happy every time I turn the thing on.

3. Kentucky Route Zero: Act 2


This weird series has been one of the most interesting things to come out of 2013 so far. With dream-like logic and heaps of creativity, Kentucky Route Zero is consistently the most surprising game I enjoy returning to every few months. The strange world is so well crafted, the weirdness feels right at home. If the quality stays as high as it’s been with the first two episodes, Kentucky Route Zero will be one of the most easily recommendable hits of the year.

Honorable Mentions

SpyParty (Open beta): SpyParty has been around for years, but this month is the first time it’s been available for purchase, so I’m cheating and putting it here. It is one of my favorite games of the year, and demands an incredible amount of patience, attention to detail, and a little luck. I can’t stop playing round after round.

Room of 1000 Snakes: There are no words. Click the link, spend your 90 seconds, enjoy your day.

New Super Luigi U: While it doesn’t have that new game smell, it’s an excuse to return to one of the Wii U’s best games, and plow through some pretty tough platforming.

(Also, if for some reason you haven’t played Hotline Miami, it just came out on Vita and PS3 this month. It was one of the best games of last year, and plays excellently with either new system. Get it now, ask questions later.)

– Zach

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