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You Need: To Play Icarus Needs

needsIcarus Needs is an incredibly interesting “comic-adventure” game. It plays similarly to classic adventure games that you’re used to (find an item, use it somewhere else, proceed) with a twist. The entire game is played in the perspective of a comic, with each panel representing an area to walk through. It’s visually impressive throughout.

Icarus begins the game stuck in a dreamscape. From there, the fun writing takes you and Icarus on an adventure through some surreal environments. The puzzles are almost nonexistent, simply moving from panel to panel will usually progress the game along, with a few instances of quick backtracking.

Everything about the game is very briskly paced, and a complete playthrough will take less than 5 minutes. But what a great 5 minutes it is.

Check Icarus Needs out for free right here, and visit developer Daniel Goodbrey’s page on Kongregate.

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