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Pom Gets Wi-Fi – Doggy Diva

pom (3)If this game doesn’t grab you within the first 60 seconds, it’s just not gonna be for you.

Pom Gets Wi-Fi is about a terrible, awful, self-absorbed pomeranian whose only motivator in life is to check Facebook and Tumblr. Pom is…just the worst excuse for a living being, and she’ll make you laugh for a solid 20 minutes straight.

Along the way to find some Internet, Pom meets some friends(?) and you’ll walk back and forth between the, thankfully, few screens there are. Most of the game consists of fetch quests, but the dumbness of it all and the ridiculous “2nerdylol” teen-girl dialogue carries the entire game. This is the definition of a guilty pleasure. It all felt like a huge waste of time, the jokes are grating albeit often hilarious, and I just couldn’t stop playing until the credits rolled.

If you want to experience this thing, which you really should, check it out over on the developer’s site right here. May Dog have mercy on your soul.

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