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Cookie Clicker – Click Addiction

too many cookiesI finally got around to playing Cookier Clicker after hearing about it for the last month, and it’s certainly something. I had no idea what I was about to see.

When you begin, you see one innocent cookie on the interface (a delicious looking cookie) and then you click it. The on-screen counter increases to 1. Then you click a few more times. After 15 clicks, you’re offered the opportunity to purchase an extra cursor to help you click the cookie. Each click accrues more cookies which are used to purchase upgrades that allow you to, well, accrue more cookies.

So, essentially, it’s all 100% pointless. Such is life.

So far I’ve collected nearly a hundred thousand cookies. I don’t know why. My army of grandmothers continues to bake cookies as I write; the total cookie number steadily increases.

It’s a bit of dumb entertainment, and a bit of a reflection on why exactly we play video games. In Diablo, you take out the monsters and demons to get more loot which lets you take out bigger and badder monsters and demons for better loot. After spending 100 hours with it, what have you really accomplished? Does it ever end, or do you make it as far as you’re willing to go and then set it aside? Cookier Clicker distills the carrot-on-a-stick to its base elements, and still provides an enjoyable experience for as long as you decide to put up with it, and actively realize that it’s all for nothing.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an empire to maintain.

Check out Cookie Clicker for free right here.

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