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Race The Sun – Fly or Die Tryin’

racethesun1hcRemember Cube Runner, one of the first popular games for the iPhone? This is like that, but way better.

Flippfly’s new title, Race the Sun, is an endless flier with a newly generated environment every day you play, where you have to get as far as you can before sunset. No, it isn’t like Tiny Wings. You control a ship as it speeds through the world, collecting small point boosts as you go. You take the solar-powered ship as far as it’ll go before the sun sets, avoiding shadows that kill your battery. Speeding through the changing levels is thrilling, and narrowly making your ship curve just around a deathly collision is satisfying every time. The death explosions are almost as equally satisfying.

The base game is worth playing as a good runner, and works as sort of a 3D Canabalt, but the depth comes in as the leveling system is introduced. Each round you’re given 3 objectives to complete, and upon their completion you’re awarded with the introduction of a new mechanic into the game. You’re given new pick-ups in the levels that help speed you along, new abilities, score multipliers. With every level-up, you’re putting more and more content into your next playthroughs, and it’s hard to slow down once you’re in for the ride.


Other than the admittedly near colorless, rote objects filling the game, there’s some beautiful design under the surface. The ship will spin gracefully if you make a hard turn after speeding in one direction, the music pumps, objects swoosh past as you narrowly avoid them, collectibles sing increasing pitches as you pick them up.

So there’s a lot here that we’ve come to expect from mobile games here. Endlessly replayable. High score chasing. Objectives for each run. A leveling upgrade system. But, at least for now, it’s a PC game. It’s good fun, thrilling, and definitely worth a shot at the free alpha if you’re interested. The full game can be purchased for $10 right here, and is currently waiting for voters to Greenlight it on Steam.

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