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Best Games of September 2013

Was September a bit of a slow month, or was that just me? Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of games that came out last month, but not all of them were my cup of tea. Still, staying out of Grand Theft Auto V’s way was probably a smart idea, so that’s probably where everything went. There were a few pretty big surprises for me this month, as you’ll read below, but I feel like this might be the one of our last moments before everything goes insane for the Holidays. The upcoming months are going to be packed to the brim, and Pokemon is on its way very, very soon, so hopefully I can remember other games exist when that hits.

Grand Theft Auto V


Well, this was a big one for me. I have never particularly enjoyed a Grand Theft Auto game before, and I had no expectations that this one would be any different. I spent that last few months hoping that something in this game would spark my interest, and somehow, it actually came through. While, I may not be singing this game’s praises come Game of the Year talk time, I’ve had a way more enjoyable time with it than I could have hoped. The writing  is almost constantly entertaining, there’s a massive amount of things to do at any time, and it’s just a good time screwing around in that world. The bleakness of GTA 4’s New York is gone, washed away by a trip to sunny California.



This one came out of nowhere, and quickly turned into an easy recommendation for anything with a PlayStation 3. It’s a silly, charming platformer with an incredible sense of place and style. The gameplay may not be thrilling at every corner, but it’s enjoyable enough and propels you through some of the most exciting environments and characters of the year.

Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure


It’s Scribblenauts, but with some new stuff! If you’re a fan of DC Comics at all, or any of the characters and worlds within, there’s something to love in Unmasked. You’re essentially dropped into a huge toy box with characters you’re familiar with, and it’s easy to see the developers had fun crafting every DC character out there. Feel like summoning  the Green Lantern Corps to take down the Joker’s minions? Why not? Want to toss a tiny, metal, stinky, angry Batman at Lex Luthor and see what happens? Of course you do.

Honorable Mentions:

SUPERHOT: An experimental first-person shooter, with an excellent sense of style, where time moves only when you do.

Rayman Legends: It’s a colorful platformer with some neat ideas and the music stages are a beautiful new addition.

Outlast: A creepy trek through a spooky asylum, it’ll give you all the jump scares you’re looking for.

Diablo 3: It’s on consoles now! It’s probably the best game this month, and of most months, but it’s also a year old.

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