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Soundodger+ – Face the Music

soundodgerThe more I play Soundodger, the faster I fall for it. The beautiful soundtrack might be my favorite of the year, with songs ranging from Zelda throwbacks to some intense and surprisingly well done dubstep sessions. It’s an amazing thing to see and hear in action, and it’s totally free to jump into and see what it’s all about.

Now, a brand new update is out on Steam for $7.99 ($5.99 for the first few days!), and includes even more excellence than before. A few new songs have been added by artists, and a few major features have been implemented as well. Your own music can be played in the game, and tracks will autogenerate accordingly. A fully featured level editor has also been added, so expect to see some crazy new tracks coming out of that as well.

Soundodger is a visual and auditory dream, and it’s hard to tear away from once you’re ten songs deep and can’t wait to see what they could possibly come up with next. Soundodger+ adds even more to the already great package, so turn up the volume, head on over to the Steam page, and don’t let these sounds pass you by.

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