Persona / PS3

Persona 5 Revealed: Coming to PS3 in Winter 2014

persona 5 winterThe show leading up to the Persona 5 announcement was one of the most insane things I’ve ever seen in video gaming.

First, an older Japanese lady talked for a while, and held a magazine with Persona 4 characters on it. Then a terribly animated Teddie from Persona 4 appeared to host the rest of the event, and screamed about utter nonsense for about 40 minutes.

The first game announced was Persona Q:, a 3DS Persona spinoff with Chibi characters from past games. The internet proceeded to explode, thinking this was what all of the teasers and countdowns had been leading up to.

Then, the show spent about 15 minutes showing off and discussing the new Persona fighting game, Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold, and the internet exploded even more.

teddie why

THEN… Atlus announced Persona 4: Dancing All Night, a dancing game for PlayStation Vita featuring Persona 4 characters. If you were there when it happened, you could feel the white hot intensity of the internet. If you listened closely enough, you could hear the members of NeoGAF cry out in unison, “Why?”


A picture of an envelope appeared next to Teddie, and a last ray of hope shone onto forums everywhere. What was it? What did it mean? Was it Persona 4: Kart Dash Madness?

It was not.

Teddie began to scream. A timer appeared onscreen, reading 55:555. It began to count down for 55 seconds. Teddie screamed until about seven seconds remained. Then everything went quiet.


The words Persona 5 filled the screen, along with images of chairs lined in a row, and then some short lines of text. Then the show ended.

persona 5

And the Internet was happy once again.

The end.

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