Game of the Year / PC / PS3 / Xbox 360

2013’s Honorable Mentions – Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

broIt took me about 10 minutes into the game to realize Brothers was going to be fantastic.

After giving you control of two characters at once, the game wastes no time showing you why it’s so neat to do so. Controlling two people with very distinct personalities leads to some really clever design, and it’s hard not to fall for the game just as soon as it starts.

The game takes you through increasingly fantastic places very quickly, and I blew through the entire game in one sitting. As much as Brothers feels like it’s taking inspirations from other games, 99% of the time it doesn’t feel like it’s attempting any sort of rehash. It’s a magical adventure across a fantasy world, from the perspective of two children experiencing some incredible (sometimes terrible) things together. Brothers is it’s own game from beginning to end, and to spoil any of the sights you’ll see during its short runtime would be a disservice to it. If you liked Journey, you’re going to be glad you picked this one up.

The ending presents a few minor issues, but I would gladly play through the whole game again. It’s a wonderfully inspired world to trek through for a few hours, and it’s one of the most constantly excellent adventures of 2013.

In Honorable Mentions, the best games of the year that didn’t make the top ten are given their moment in the spotlight. While they might not be among HippoChippies’ ten best games this year, they were very, very close to making it there. This year, it came down to a list of 19 games that was trimmed into the Game of the Year list. This is one of the nine that almost made it.

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