Game of the Year / PC

2013’s Honorable Mentions – SpyParty

spysSpyParty has been floating around for several years now, but 2013 marks the release of its first open beta. This was the first time I’ve been able to play it, and I’m glad to say that it somehow lives up to all of my expectations.

After hearing about SpyParty for so long, finally being able to act out the part of the Sniper or Spy was just as thrilling as I had hoped. Playing the role of a mindless A.I. partygoer as another player picks you out from the crowd is as nerve-wracking as it is exciting. Playing the role of the sniper is a similarly unique experience as well, as you second guess yourself until the moment your bullet leaves it chamber.

The next year holds a lot of changes for the game, as it’s currently undergoing an entire graphical overhaul. As it stands, SpyParty is one of the most clever, original ideas for a game I’ve seen in ages, and is a defining experience of 2013.

In Honorable Mentions, the best games of the year that didn’t make the top ten are given their moment in the spotlight. While they might not be among HippoChippies’ ten best games this year, they were very, very close to making it there. This year, it came down to a list of 19 games that was trimmed into the Game of the Year list. This is one of the nine that almost made it.

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