Game of the Year / PC

Game of the Year 2013: #10 – EGGNOGG/NIDHOGG



NIDHOGG is a two-player competitive platforming/fighting game that’s been privately taken around to trade shows for years. Only a few have gotten to see it live, and even fewer have been able to play it. This March, Paul Pridham of Madgarden made a “NIDHOGG-like” for the Toronto Game Jam, and gave the public its first taste of what this kind of game is all about.

EGGNOGG is an unashamed riff on NIDHOGG, but being my first taste of it, it’s all I’ve got to go on. It’s fantastic, and I can’t believe what I’ve been missing out on. Each player tries to jump over, stab, and slide under their opponents in order to make it as far across the screen as possible. Once you scroll to the farthest right or left side of the stage, you win. The goal is to do whatever you can to stop your enemy’s progress, and to then run as quickly as possible towards your goal.

Swords fly as you make a last ditch effort to fling it into the other guy as he sprints to the finish. You’ll slide across the ground, pick up a sword, and either die horribly or make an unbelievable escape. It’s all incredibly frantic, and one of the coolest local multiplayer experiences I’ve ever had.



Whenever NIDHOGG is finally released I’ll be able to say which I prefer. For now, EGGNOGG may be a clone, but it is the only one on the market. So the award goes to both. NIDHOGG is an incredible idea, and deserves more attention. EGGNOGG deserves to be played, because it’s the only way to experience that incredible idea.

If you want to see what these things are all about, try out EGGNOGG for free. After that, take a look at NIDHOGG’s website, and see where the idea came from, and how the original project is coming along.

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