3DS / Game of the Year

Game of the Year 2013: #07 – Pokemon X and Y

PokemonCombatSay what you will about nostalgia for the first few iterations, but Pokemon X and Y are among the best games Game Freak has ever produced.

With over 700(!!!!) Pokemon now, there’s never a shortage of things to do in Pokemon X and Y. Although, disappointingly, there are several that can’t be found here, the number that are available keeps the game fresh for dozens of hours. I’m still finding Pokemon than I’ve never seen before and changing up my team, and I’m over 65 hours into the game.


The Pokemon have never felt more alive than they do here. In one of the most astounding graphical upgrades to a series I’ve ever seen, every Pokemon is fully rendered beautifully in 3D. They don’t feel like pictures anymore, they feel alive. It’s the most visually impressive Pokemon game ever produced, as long as you leave the special 3D effect switched off to save framerate.

It’s easier than ever to play with friends and strangers, as the online functionality has been rebuilt. A constant list of online players is kept on the bottom screen, and trading or battling is only a tap away. This one may play the same as ever, but it’s never looked or felt so good to do it.

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