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After Thought – Eye Lies

afterthoughtIf you’ve ever wanted a computer with a British accent to burn images into your eyes, you’re in luck.

AFTER THOUGHT is a game about seeing things that aren’t there, or at least, aren’t there anymore. You’re presented with a screen filled with bright colors, and asked to stare at it for 30 seconds. Then the screen turns completely blank, your eyes fill in the rest of the details themselves, and you navigate the misty maze in front of you.

It’s a puzzle game about one specific type of optical illusion, and I liked it quite a bit. The first time the image goes away and leaves you with only the hazy remainder of images, I thought the game was playing a trick on me. Nope, there’s really nothing there, and your eyes are just fillin what they remember was there. There’s also a British computer lady who talks to you in between the tests, praising you on how good you are doing, and that the eye strain is definitely worth it.


There are only a handful of tests, and each of them you’re forced to stare at for 30 seconds before you’re able to interact with it. I think that time could be shortened a little, especially because of how rudimentary the “mazes” are. Each one only takes a couple seconds to run through once you’re given the reigns, and the whole thing doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes to finish. I would like to see the idea expanded upon with longer courses to run through, but the optical effect on display is worth seeing even as it is. You would probably have to play it in short bursts though, because now, about 5 minutes after finishing it, my eyes are still feeling a tiny bit disoriented.

If your eyes are ready to fill in the blanks, try After Thought for free right here.

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