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Games of the Month – January 2014

It’s halfway through February and I’ve already played a ton of great games. February has kept me plenty occupied, and March looks like it’s going to be insane with all of that great looking stuff coming out, but let’s hold off and see what all was worth playing at the very beginning of this year. January was packed with all kinds of games, and I’ve only now been able to catch up to most of it. If awesome games keep coming as fast as they have this year, we’ll have more than enough to keep us busy. (I’m also trying out a new format for Games of the Month this year. Starting with this post, the I’ll list my three favorite games of the month, in no particular order. Typically if I number stuff this early after playing it, the comparisons don’t usually last too long after I’ve had time to let my thoughts settle. After the top three, you’ll find the honorable mentions, as usual.)

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Price – Free
Platform – PC


After hearing so much about it last month, I didn’t think it would actually live up to the hype after it went into open beta. Now that I;ve had my hands on it for a while, I can safely say it’s one of the most interesting things I’ve seen Blizzard do lately. Hearthstone is a card game in the style of Magick, or so I hear, and it’s incredibly easy to learn how it all works. There aren’t too many intricate systems at play there, but there’s more than enough to keep each match interesting. I plan on spending a lot more time building decks and taking down players in online matches, and I haven’t gotten into something like that in a long time.

Bad Dream: Graveyard

Price – Free
Platform – PC


These games are so simple, but I can’t help but want to see more. The Bad Dream series is an incredibly minimalistic point and click anthology based around different kinds of horror. The first games, Bad Dream: Butcher, was about wandering through a town and getting your hand sliced to pieces as scary things laughed at you. In this one, you wander around a graveyard inspecting creepy dolls and capturing flies. Yes, they are pretty weird. Most of the action involves walking around and clicking mindlessly on everything until you get a result, but in some way it’s oddly relaxing, even as the foreboding atmosphere looms around you. I’m a big fan of horror games, and even though I can see why the Bad Dream series puts some people off, I’m incredibly excited to see what comes next.

The Floor is Jelly

Price – $9.99
Platform – PC


If you’re into the mood of Fez and with some light Super Meat Boy action, you’re in luck. The Floor is Jelly is a cute platformer where everything is bouncy. Each jump from the floor or walls will reveal the squishy material they’re made of, and you can trampoline yourself just about anywhere you’d like to go. You’ll find plenty of hidden areas if you try to go off the beaten path, and realizing how smart some of the puzzles are is just as fun as bouncing higher and higher into the clouds. It always finds new ways for you to bounce your way around the level, and keeps itself fresh over the few hours you spend with it.

Honorable Mentions:

Broken Age: Act 1

Price – $24.99
Platform – PC


I haven’t been able to spend as much time with this one as I’d wanted to, but even early on I’m enjoying Double Fine’s return to form. It’s a colorful point and click adventure with a great premise. You control the game with two main characters, whose stories are wildly different from one another. It’s quite funny, has great voice acting, and I really have no idea what’s going to happen next. I’m only a couple hours in, and it does seem a bit slow so far, but I’m definitely planning on coming back to this one soon.

After Thought

Price – Free
Platform – PC


After Thought is a strange, five-minute long, experimental optical illusion game. It tricks your eyes, and the effect is something I hadn’t ever seen used before in a game. You stare at bright colors, and then they disappear, leaving only what was essentially burned into to your eyes for you to see. Just try it out for yourself.

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