You Have to Watch The Internet Try To Play Pokemon

thisisreallifeIn case you weren’t aware, something amazing is happening. An anonymous Australian programmer has set up a Twitch stream of Pokemon Red/Blue for the world to control, and somehow it is kind of working.

The game is being emulated and streamed, and the controls are hooked up to whatever is said in the chat. Whenever someone says “left” the left button is automatically pressed. But when there are about 8,000 people screaming every button at once, things start to go off the rails. Currently, I’m watching the character stumble around a city. He’s running into walls, talking to everyone over and over again, but occasionally progressing in the game.

abbbbbbbk o

By some miracle, these people have managed to beat the first two gyms, and are currently fumbling around Cerulean City, arguing about buying Pokeballs and making their way to Nugget Bridge. It’s incredible. This is what Twitch was made for, it’s all lead up to this.

As of 1 day, 19 hours, and 55 minutes into the stream, the team is traveling with a level 23 Pidgeotto without a nickname, a level 11 Rattata named JLVWNNOOOO, and a level 27 Charmeleon named ABBBBBBK (.


If you want to participate in the chaos, hop on over to the Twitch channel right here. In the last ten minutes I’ve seen them try to use a Nugget on a wild Spearow, check out Caterpie in the Pokedex a few times, and have their Charmeleon  be taken out by an Ekans’ poison because they couldn’t stop walking in circles around the Pokemon Center. This whole thing is madness.

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