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Games of the Month – February 2014

Wait, it’s almost April? Danganronpa took up almost all of my February, and now that Dark Souls II is here, I’m not sure when I’ll be feel like picking up anything else. February was a month with some really pleasant surprises, and a few (kind of expected) disappointments. While the new South Park and Castlevania games may not have had me smitten, there were certainly a few games in there that I couldn’t put down until I had drained every bit of their essence. Let’s begin with the one that took up almost all of last month for me, and the game I still keep talking about with anyone else who finished it.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc


Within the first few hours, I wasn’t sure if Danganronpa was going to break onto this list. I really enjoyed it, but everything seemed a little underwhelming. Fast-forward to a half-dozen game hours later and you’d see me at 3am staring into a little glowing screen. If you own a Vita and have any fondness for visual novels, this one’s a keeper. A great cast of characters help move this fast paced thriller, and it’s designed to keep you guessing until the moment it wants to lay its cards down and blow your mind. While the highs didn’t reach quite as high for me as the Zero Escape games, it’s still a fantastic visual novel that’s a great place to start if you’re unfamiliar with the genre. If you’re up for a murder mystery extravaganza with a big sense of humor, Danganronpa is hard to beat.


Titanfall (Beta)


The few hours I spent with this shooter quickly outpaced any shooter I’ve played in the last year. If you’re wanting more than what Ghosts or Battlefield offered last year, Titanfall is the best place to go. Giant robots stomp around the battlefield, along with dozens of soldiers scurrying around the field. Blasting high into the sky after ejecting from a huge mech is a hard experience to beat in the midst of a shootout, and you often feel like an action movie hero while you’re sprinting through the field. If jumping from mech to mech while the other team tries to get you in their sights sounds fun, there’s plenty of that and more to find here. Once you dash towards your escape ship and jet pack inside with two seconds to spare, all while enemy titans and pilots are opening fire all around you, you’ll understand what separates Titanfall from everybody else.




Threes is an assuming little thing that released onto iPhones last month, and proceeded to make a bigger splash on my Twitter feed than Titanfall. It’s a puzzle game about moving cards around a grid, and matching numbers to make bigger numbers. The goal is to achieve as high a total score as possible before you back yourself into a corner and can’t make any more moves, and I’ve probably put over a dozen hours into swiping those cards around my screen. Once you’re into a groove, it’s hard to break out of it, and you’ll find yourself waking up at 5am to grab your phone and set a new high score. Threes is an incredibly elegantly designed game. It proves that a tiny idea, if smart enough, is worth more than a game with huge amount of content and nothing new to say.

Honorable Mentions:

The Last of Us: Left Behind


This DLC is a lot more story content for the last of us, paired with some great combat sequences that remind me why I liked the game so much. If you were paying attention the first time through you’ll know where this one’s going to end up, but that doesn’t make the ride there any less beautiful.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze


While I still haven’t fallen for this one as much as Retro’s original Wii release, it’s still a good platformer for a system that needs more reasons to own it.



You spray bird perfume onto a man and then jump inside the mouth of an alligator, but only after you have a one on one fist fight with a car.

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