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Mibibli’s Quest is the Best Weird Mega Man Game

mibibli1I just stumbled into this one a few days ago, and it feels like it was made just for me. Take the best parts of Mega Man (lots of well designed stages, cool boss fights) and mix it with a really unplaceable sense of humor (jokes about the futility of existence, a strange man who loses more articles of clothing every time you defeat him) and you’ll have Mibibli’s Quest. First off, just say “Mibibli” a few times to yourself out loud, because it’s a really funny name. Next, play this game immediately because it’s probably the best new game you could be playing, and I’m going to talk about it forever.

Mibibli’s Quest couldn’t start off better. It eases you into its difficult platforming, leading into an incredible boss fight. The whole thing is absurd, and you’ll laugh a lot, especially when the first boss does…the thing he does. It’s clever in ways that most games don’t aim to be, which is crazy because developer Ryan Melmoth is offering this game for FREE over on his website. It’s a hardcore Mega Man game through and through, and I’m nowhere near being finished with it. After the introduction you’re given a set of levels to explore in any order, and after you finish those… you’ve got more left than you think. Had the game ended right then as I expected, I would have been impressed at the quality of a free game that I’d never heard of, and would have recommended it pretty hard. But it goes on, keeps impressing, and gets even better.


Remember Mega Man Unlimited from last year? The free fan made game that came out of nowhere, and turned out to be better than most actual Mega Man games? This is another one just like that, except sometimes you’ll use a crucifix to fly around for a bit. It blends genres, takes the best and silliest parts of game design, and keeps you hooked for hours. If you’re anything like me, after you see the first boss of the game and then eventually find the Dance Dance Revolution stage, it’s really hard not to want to find what’s next.

I do recommend you use an gamepad, though. The game doesn’t have any integrated controller support, but a quick download of Joy2Key can remedy that. You’ll have to set the controls in that program yourself, but it makes for a much better experience than trying to play a hardcore platformer with a keyboard. Hopefully this functionality will be integrated into the game itself at some point, but for now it’s not too difficult an issue to get around.

If you’re ready to play one of the best games to be released this year, play the WHOLE THING for free right here. There’s a donation page set up on the site, and I really think the guy deserves it.

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