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Just One More Round With One Tap Quest

one tapClick this link.

Did you do it? You could have already played the game several times by now.

One Tap Quest is a very simple RPG where you have no control aside from the first move you make. You’ve got a board filled with powerups and creatures, and all you can do is place your character and watch them run into a field of obstacles towards the finish line.

Each enemy your character attacks will give experience, and each couple will allow them to level up, and take down stronger enemies. The monsters move around the screen and are placed seemingly randomly, so it’s up to you where you’re going to have your little warrior make their start. Place them in line of a field of weak enemies and he’ll level up, but forget to put them in the line of a powerup and you’re pretty much out of luck that round. Thankfully, each game lasts only a dozen or so seconds at most, and you’re immediately back in to make another move once your hero is dead.

The game works on just about any browser, so whether you’re on your phone, tablet or PC, click right here, and spend the next 15 minutes making runs at the castle. My first victory ended with a score of 16,100 points. What’ll yours be?

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