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There Are Over 300 Shovel Knight Cheat Codes, We Know Two

Remember Cheat Codes? Remember when developers put them in the game as a fun little side thing to discover and be really excited to stumble across some brand new experience in a game you love? Remember when they didn’t cost $2 a piece? Many games of late have either decided to charge the player real cash to see bits of extra content or to just forget them entirely, and the idea of an actual cheat code has become a thing of the past.

Shovel Knight, which brought NES style gameplay to modern consoles, is now bringing us back to those days of typing strings of nonsense into a a menu.

During Shovel Knight’s Kickstarter, the Yacht Club Games team promised anyone who donated $100 or more (about 350 people) a secret that only they would be told. In an interview with idigitaltimes.com, the team revealed that those secrets would come in the form of cheat codes implemented in the game. They said that over 300 codes are hidden, and each activates a unique feature when entered as your name when creating a save file. Big Head mode, Giant Character mode, and “Butt mode”,  have been confirmed, but none of those codes have been discovered by the public yet.

shovel knight

Last month, ScrewAttack.com showed off a code that was made for their SGC tournament, which unlocks a special challenge mode for one of the game’s stages. Today, the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter page had an announcement that the code for High Jump mode would be revealed on their forums.

The codes so far are:

IM&SGC14 – Unlocks Iron Man of Gaming mode

J&2JMP! – Unlocks High Jump mode

With about 300 codes still floating around, I’m really excited to see how they’re all discovered. I’ll keep coming back to the game to try them all out, and I’m even happier that I’m not being asked to pay a premium for each one. Shovel Knight really does feel like a relic from a different era, and it’s shaping up to be a modern classic with each new discovery. A modern classic…with Butt mode! (I just really want to know what Butt mode is all about guys.)

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