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Games of the Month – June 2014

So how about that Shovel Knight? Thankfully, June wasn’t a totally dry month other than our favorite Shoveler, but it sure came pretty close. I played way fewer games this month than usual, and hopefully I can dig up a bigger selection sometime this month. But, yeah, Shovel Knight is really good everybody.

Shovel Knight


It’s Shovel Knight. I’ve said more than enough about why I love the game in my review, so I’ll keep this brief. It’s an excellent platformer that feels like it jumped straight out of the late 80’s. Shovel Knight is as smart as it is cute and funny, and brings back really fond memories of blasting through robot masters and whipping walls to find secret chickens. It’s nice to have some of that back, if only briefly.

1001 Spikes


Another blast from the past, 1001 Spikes goes out of its way to be difficult. There are traps spread through each of it’s numerous levels, and your job is to somehow navigate past all of them, Indiana Jones style. You’ll die, again and again, (maybe even 1001 times) but you’ll keep coming back. Each trap has a logic behind it, and it laughs in your face as it destroys you as you run to the exit. If you’re up for some more old school action, with a few cameos from platformer heroes of yore, 1001 Spikes is the second best retro inspired indie platformer of the month. Who would have thought?

Level 2: The Virus Master


And now for something completely different. Have you ever played a music video? Maybe. But was it metal? Not like The Virus Master. It’s a shoot-em-up set to metal, and characters even animate to the music. It’s half watching some really cool stuff happen on-screen, and half trying your best to make sure it all explodes. You’ll play through it again and again to reach the highest score and the hidden level, but it’s so satisfying you won’t mind at all.

Honorable Mentions:

Coming Out Simulator 2014


Just play this.

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