Hearthstone: Favorite Naxxramas Cards

Now that we’ve all had a while to experiment with all of the Naxxramas cards, which are the best? Here’s a collection of my favorite cards in the set, and how I like to play them. If your favorite cards don’t show up here, that doesn’t mean I think they’re bad, I just haven’t found a deck that I love playing them in.

Mad Scientist


This card is amazing, but I bet it won’t be forever. Mad Scientist is such a good card, I feel like it’s begging for a nerf. It’s a great play on turn 2 with decent stats, and it works well with Undertaker combos in the early game. As soon as you play this card on turn two, you’re probably getting ahead of the other player. As soon as they reluctantly kill it, a secret is pulled straight from your deck, and put directly into play. That’s just… mad. It’s amazing in Hunter decks, as you get a free Explosive or Freezing Trap on turn 3 or 4. If that isn’t value, nothing in this game is. FOR SCIENCE!


oh goody

If you’re not running this in speedy Deathrattle decks, you’re missing out. Throw this guy into a Tempo Priest or Hunter deck, and watch him grow. This guy instantly raises the value of all those other Naxxramas Deathrattle cards, because he’s just begging you to play them and make him bigger. Play this guy on turn one with a coin and a Leper Gnome, then a Mad Scientist, a couple of Zombie Chow or a Loot Hoarder on turn two, and you’re opponent better think of something fast. Oh…goody!

Sludge Belcher


Combos with Undertaker? Check.

Comes with Taunt, and spits out another Taunt when he dies? Check.

Usually the best turn 5 you can ask for? Check again.

Yeah, Sludge Belcher is one of the best cards in the game, and if you’re ever happy to see your opponent play one of these, you’re in a pretty good spot. This guy stops your opponent right in their tracks. Sure, this guy’s a pretty big target for a Silence, but after they waste that you can play something even bigger, and a 3/5 on the board still isn’t bad. Or just play that second Sludge Belcher that you’ve been holding and start it all again.

Dark Cultist


Priests needed this. It’s hard to ask for a better turn 3, especially if you’re playing a full Deathrattle Priest with Undertaker. But even if you aren’t, it still has useful Deathrattle and good stats for 3 mana. As long as you’ve got someone else on the board, they get a 3 health buff. It can be easy for your opponent to play around, but on turn 3 it’s usually tough for them to get 4 damage off before you can heal or drop a taunt. Priests are finally back in a big way thanks to Naxx, and this card is one of the reasons why.

Death’s Bite


You gave Control Warriors a weapon with Whirlwind? Death’s Bite only makes a good class stronger, by giving Warriors one more way to hit a bunch of creatures at once. Whether they need to activate a Frothing Berserker, Armorsmith, or Acolyte of Pain, they’ll have fun doing so with a cheap 4 mana weapon, all while smashing 4 damage into your best minion.


come on king crush

This little spider has gotten me out of some tight spots. While the text’s effect may be random, its real effects are purely strategic. First, it can buff your Undertaker. Second, it can proc your Starving Buzzard for a free card. Third, your opponent is scared that it’s going to give you a free King Crush. Whatever card you actually draw is a free 31st card that you didn’t have to put in your deck, so you’re never losing anything by getting it killed. At its worst, it’s something to play on turn one to take out a Leper Gnome. At its best, two of them let you end the game with a couple of King Crushes one after another.

Zombie Chow


While this is a very situational card, you can always play this card smartly to your advantage. Play it on turn 1, and it’s cheap removal for your opponents starting minions. Save it until later, and then toss out an Auchenai Soulpriest with a Circle of Healing, and you’ve got a versatile Mind Blast for 1 mana. Have a Baron Rivendare out when you do that combo with 2 of this guy? That’s a 20 damage blast for 6 mana, and you’re opponent will never underestimate Zombie Chow again.


Naxxramas brings a lot of changes to Hearthstone, and a lot of really fun decks. If you haven’t tried building a deck around Undertaker and Deathrattles, I really recommend it. It took me a while to learn how good those early combos can be, but it’s awesome when you pull it off. I’ll continue updating this page as I find new cards to play and build new decks around different ideas. With just 30 cards changing the game so much, I can’t wait to see how much the new 100+ card expansion will change things. Expect another card roundup when that hits too!

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