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Weekly Update 10/28/2014: There Are Too Many Games

So last week’s update turned into a lovefest about The Evil Within. Whoops.

evil within oh 2spooky

Not much has changed on that front, The Evil Within is still great. I’m slowly working my way through it, along with about a half-dozen other great games. There’s so much out this month and next, it’s impossible for me to play all the way through everything I want too right now. I’m a slow-burn player to begin with, and will spend two months playing through five games at once, even if they’re all probably beatable in a week. But there’s so much out right now, it’s hard to help myself.


I spent some time with the new Borderlands in the week of its release, and I’m really surprised at how much I enjoyed it.


I loved Borderlands 2, and I’m impressed how much The Pre-Sequel feels like a full Borderlands game and not just filler until Borderlands 3. The characters are unique, it’s just as funny as ever, and butt-bouncing and moon-jumping have to be in the next game somewhere because it’s just too much fun. Environments are more fun to get through, just because you’re jumped huge distances into the air as you explore the world, and the fun… floatyness(?) alleviates some of the issues with trekking huge distances on foot. I can’t wait to get back to it, but for now I’ve got several more things to finish up first. Also, Wilhelm is clearly the best character.

Lords of the Fallen is a straight up Dark Souls game. That’s a good thing.

dark souls oh wait

Since nobody has ever really made a game just like Dark Souls, and I mean JUST LIKE DARK SOULSit may not be so bad to have somebody else try. I’m still very early on, but all signs are pointing to this not being the total disaster it could have been. It really does feel like a Souls game with some Diablo loot elements, and a few unique changes tossed in to differentiate it a bit. There’s a new risk/reward system, because having more Souls, I mean “experience“, with you increases your drop rate from other enemies, at the risk of losing it all upon death. It’s a really neat game, and impressed at how much they got right. It can hold me over until Bloodborne, at the very least.


I need to spend more time with Sunset Overdrive, but my initial impressions haven’t been great.


It’s a beautiful game, brimming with personality, but I’m just not sure that it’s any fun. I tried grinding on the rails and traveling through the city, but I just never found it to be very engaging or exciting. After seeing the swath of positive reviews, I plan on jumping back in past the first few hours and seeing what else is in there. I’m not typically a fan of open-world city games, but I am a huge fan on Insomniac, so I think it deserves a second chance.


I just started Bayonetta 2, and I can already tell it’s going to be one of my favorite games this year.


The first Bayonetta is my favorite action game of all time, and I haven’t found another that can deliver comparable amounts of style and substance. I spent hours upon hours playing the first game, finishing it on every difficulty, and unlocking all of the optional content. The opening chapters have already given me everything I wanted, flashy action scenes and huge boss fights, and I can’t imagine what I’ll see by the end. As if the Wii U wasn’t a great console already, here’s another exclusive to add to the pile of great games that can’t be found anywhere else.


I’ve only played 20 minutes of Fantasy Life, and have already been charmed to death.

fantasy life town

It’s just so…nice. Just its character creator let me know how much I was going to be smiling. I’ll have more to say soon, but I’ve already fallen for its aesthetics and cuteness, and I really haven’t even played it yet. After Dark Cloud 2, I’m pretty much sworn to follow Level 5 wherever they go anyway.


Still Smashing.


How ready are you for Mewtwo?


I’ve been getting back into Earthbound after a couple of failed attempts in the last few years.


I think this might be the time I actually get to see it through. Like Fantasy Life, it just seems like such a fun world to be in. It’s cute, funny, and colorful, and that’s about all I need.

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