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FROGGY – Arcade on Fire


First off, I’m 99% sure FROGGY is not Frog Fractions 2.

What FROGGY is, though, is Tetregeddon Games’ intensely odd rejiggering of Frogger, with way more explosions and post-apocalyptic themes.

FROGGY is weird.

From the first seconds of FROGGY, it’s hard not to fall for it right away. You drop your name (or something…similar to it) into one of the most memorable “name entering” screens I’ve seen, and are greeted to an introduction about the post-apocalypse. Civilization has reached its peak, and the Armageddon Highway was created, designed to sustain Earth’s need for blood, or something like that. Uhh, yeah.


The game is set up like a sadistic Frogger-like, where the whole map is filled with cars coming from every direction, and butterflies fill the screen waiting to be eaten. Time only moves when you move, so you’ll plan strategies and execute them quickly, deciding how you can maneuver through the fiery vehicles to enjoy your tasty insect snack.

Everything is narrated by a disembodied, robotic voice, called “Innervoice”. This narrator follows you into the gameplay as well. “Nom nom nom,” the Narrator will say, as FROGGY chomps up butterflies while dodging from exploding cars who seem intent only with slamming into each other with as high a velocity as possible. “I am FROGGY, hear me croak,” the narrator drones. Everything is dark, everything is weird, and you’ll have seen it all through in less than a half-hour.


Check it out here for free, and then, for the love of Christ, check out the entire Tetrageddon website. There’s even more to be said about that site, and how deep you can get into it. I’ll leave it at this, while stumbling around there, I went down a pipe and ended up talking to a AI about its day. Have fun.

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