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Bitcoin Billionaire – Terminal Tapping


If you’re vulnerable to the Cookie Clicker disease and have an hour to kill, I’m really sorry for what I’m about to do.

Bitcoin Billionaire is FizzPow Games‘ take on the “click this thing a lot really fast” genre that sprung up a couple years ago. Except now it’s an App on your phone, it lives on your home screen now, and oops it’s midnight and I’m still tapping the screen please help.

The game is way more fully featured than most of the other clicky games I’ve played, and has quite a bit going on onscreen at one time. First, you can click anywhere with as many fingers as you want, which is pretty fun by itself. Also, there are prize boxes that float in every few seconds that contain rewards. Then you have the emails, that challenge you to complete a certain task. The awesome ones involve things like 30 bonus timers to see how fast you can click. The less-awesome ones involve you opting in to bothering your Facebook friends or watching an ad for some quick bucks. I’m not bothering anyone else with my click-diction, but…I have may have watched a few ads. The game is free though, and I have no intention of diving into the real-money currency, so I guess I can stand to spend 30 seconds learning about a thing I’ll never use.


The money you make from your rapid-fire clicks is spent towards upgrading the room your character sets in, so instead of staring at a broken mirror and a torn poster, you can move into a bigger house with cooler stuff hanging on the walls. You can also buy items that make money automatically (think Grandmas in Cookie Clicker), and upgrade your per-click cash earnings. There’s also a news ticker that constantly runs across the top of the screen, giving you quick jokes to read while mindlessly driving your fingers raw into your screen.

If you’re not into these kinds of distractions, there’s probably not much new here for you to see. For everyone else, watch out. You know what you’re getting yourself into. Have fun.

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