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Super Skeleman – Subversive Skills

super skele1

Super Skeleman is the new hotness if you’re looking for a polished, free 2D platformer. This year has filled up fans hungry for fantastic indie platformers, and developer Ben Allen’s newest game only adds to that delicious stew.

Like most games that grok that Metroid flow, you start with a simple jump and grow onward from there. Super Skeleman stands out not only because of its great soundtrack and stylish VVVVVV-esque look, but because of the subversive platforming abilities you collect. See a ledge too high to jump up? Don’t look for a double-jump, try finding the backflip ability instead. Want to cross that pit of spikes? Try the Mario-inspired dive-jump upgrade to soar across.

super skele2

Allen says that the game is “pretty heavily inspired by 3D Mario games”, so the fun bounciness of jumping should be expected. The game never feels too punishing, so it’s a quick game to satiate your platforming appetite. Super Skeleman’s just a nice, refreshing game that doesn’t overstay its welcome. Can’t we have more of those?

If you’re ready to dive and backflip through another great platformer in 2014, check out Super Skeleman on its Gamejolt page for free.



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