You Should Try to Survive This Chamber


Clickhole is one of my favorite new websites of 2014. It’s a new spinoff of The Onion, so it shouldn’t be surprising how consistently clever and funny it is, but if you haven’t been reading it you’ve been missing out. HippoChippies is primarily a site about video games, so you haven’t heard much about them here. That was until I found out about their incredible short story/adventure game thing, How Long Will You Survive In The Chamber?

How Long Will You Survive In The Chamber was posted back in June of this year, and I just heard about it via Kole Ross‘s mention on his and Gary Butterfield‘s Bonfireside Chat podcast (which you should also 100% check out.)

The Clickhole quiz takes you through a journey of preparation before you’re sent into The Chamber. This chamber houses terrifying creatures with names like “The Child Who Is Not A Child”, so you should carefully plan out your moves before you enter.

Like most posts on Clickhole, it’s smart, will make you laugh, and you’ll want to drag your friends to it to show them how brilliant that writing staff is. After the quiz you’ll find out how long you would survive upon entering the chamber. I lasted 30 minutes. Good luck.

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